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Wheelchair Customizations and Seating Solutions

  • by Maria Nazari
Wheelchair Customizations and Seating Solutions

The general design of the wheelchair and the seating position are uncomfortable for the user. Riders get tired after sitting for a short time. Further, the seating discomfort can cause pressure sores, back pain, upper body injuries, and affect overall body functions.

Therefore, it is good to look into wheelchair customization and seating options to increase comfort and prevent other issues. Customizing the cushion gives you more comfort and improves your posture. It makes it possible to sit in a wheelchair for a long time without getting tired at the end of the day.

So, if you are experiencing any issues with your wheelchair or want to make it more comfortable, keep reading to find the best solution.

What are Custom Wheelchairs?

Custom Wheelchairs are modified to meet the needs of the riders. They are designed to provide more comfort and a more stable seat for the rider. The most popular wheelchair modifications are adding custom leg rests and replacing the default cushions with customized ones.

Most of the time, the wheelchair doesn't fit well to the rider, which can lead to many problems.

The most common issues are;

  • Back Pain
  • Pressure Sores
  • Shoulder or upper body injuries,
  • Tissue or Nerve damage.

Therefore, it is recommended to go for wheelchair customization to avoid all these problems and move on the wheelchair comfortably.

The most prominent and significantly important customization is adding personalized wheelchair cushions. The cushion can assist you in avoiding the majority of medical issues that wheelchair users encounter. But what is a customized cushion?

What are Customized Cushions?

Customized cushions are designed for more support and comfort. They are made after determining the needs of the riders and matching them with the individual's unique shape. They avoid numerous skin issues, including pressure sores, which are frequent among wheelchair users.

Custom cushions give you a better posture position and help you sit in an upright position. Additionally, they improve blood flow and enhance body functions. Further, they protect you from falling out of the wheelchair when you apply breaks.

Riders can use wheelchairs for an extended time with these cushions. There are different types of pillows available in the market. You can choose one which is helpful according to your health conditions.

Types of Customized Cushions

There are numerous personalized cushions on the market. Based on the materials used to make them, they differ from one another. Also, each one benefits individuals depending on their health conditions. The most common cushions are;

Foam Cushions

These are the most commonly used pad for wheelchairs. They are inexpensive, lightweight, and require less maintenance. They are customized to meet the needs of the user.

Foam cushions are made up of foam which can easily compress for a comfortable feel. One drawback of these cushions is that they can wear out easily because of their compression ability and need to be replaced often.

Gel Cushion

Gel cushions give the rider more flexibility, support, and comfort. They are made with foam and gel and can distribute the pressure equally for extra reliability to the user. They make wheelchairs heavier because they are made of gel and foam.

The gel of these cushions is a good shock absorber but needs to be kneaded before use each time.

Air Cushion

Air cushions are lightweight and provide exceptional pressure relief. They evenly distribute the pressure and lessen tension on body points to prevent pressure sores or ulcers.

The air level needs to be checked daily on air cushions to avoid balance disturbances, which require extra maintenance.

Honeycomb Cushion

Honeycomb Cushions are lightweight because they are made of thermoplastic urethane. This substance never harms the skin and works well as a shock absorber. To keep them cool, they include a honeycomb-like matrix structure that permits free airflow.

Honeycomb Cushions, no doubt, are the best in the market. However, they cost you more than the other options. They also lose their shock absorption ability with time.

Benefits of Customized Cushions

Customized cushions can benefit you in many ways, but we will describe a few important ones.

Improved Posture

Our general body form changes as we sit in a bent position for a prolonged period. Also, a bad posture results in many body aches and back pain. So, keeping an upright position while sitting is necessary to avoid these problems.
Custom cushions are designed ergonomically and help in improving posture. If you start using these cushions, you will see a result within a few days.

Pressure Relief

Pressure sore or ulcer is the most common problem faced by wheelchair users—especially those who sit on it for a long time. As a result, their skin starts developing sore due to the pressure on the underneath tissue. It has an impact on the body's normal blood flow.

Using custom-made cushions instead of regular ones is an efficient technique to relieve pressure. They never permit the body to tear off because they are made to deal with such problems.

Improved Comfort

Custom cushions do more than just protect your skin from deteriorating. More importantly, they give the rider a feeling of comfort. A cushion of high quality softens the wheelchair seat. Users can spend plenty of time sitting in a wheelchair without getting tired.

Where Customized Cushions Can Use

Customized Cushions commonly used for;

  • Electric Wheelchair
  • Car Seats
  • Office Chairs
  • Couch

All the above things are where you spend most of your time. So, putting custom cushions on these things can increase your comfort and help you get an upright posture.

Note: You can also get a custom cushion for anything where you spend most of your time.

How to Choose the Right Cushion

There are different shapes and material cushions available in the market. You can't choose any of them randomly. Besides providing comfort, positioning, and stability, however, there are a few more things you need to consider before choosing the right cushion.

Tips for choosing the right cushion;

  • Consider Your Lifestyle
  • Measure for The Right Size
  • Consider the Fabric
  • Consider the Cushion Shape
  • What material is used in the manufacturing
  • Look for Waterproof and Washable cushion
  • Breathable cushion

Gilani Mobility Wheelchair Customization and Seating Solution Services

Gilani Mobility provides wheelchair customization and seating solution services. You can avail of wheelchair customization services and can order experts made customized cushions for anything where you sit for a long time.

What Can Gilani Mobility Customize

Gilani Mobility Mobility provides customization services which are discussed below.

1- Wheelchair Seat Cushion Support

You can order custom-made wheelchair cushions to raise the seat of your electric or manual wheelchair for more comfort and reliability. For bariatric wheelchairs, you can also order Luxury Dunlop custom foam cushions.

2- Car Seat Cushioning Support

Gilani Mobility also provides custom cushions for your cars. While driving a car, these cushions can give you additional comfort and support. Additionally, these cushions aid in keeping an upright posture.

You can also have customized leg supports to support your legs when driving a car. They make it easier for your legs to operate the pedals of a vehicle.

3- Stump Support for Air Hawk and Falcon Wheelchair

We produce wheelchair stump supports with the help of our technicians. Depending on your needs, you may easily install or remove these custom stump supports from the wheelchair. They give the rider more assistance.

4- Wide Range Wheelchair Harness and Side Supports

Based on the customer's desire, Gilani offers various wheelchair modification services. Additionally, we offer padded side head supports to keep your head comfortably resting on the wheelchair.

5- Customized Leg Rests for Manual or Electric Wheelchair

A manual or electric wheelchair can have customized leg rests installed for the rider's added support and comfort.

Gilani Mobility puts a lot of effort into providing clients with the greatest option. We aim to offer our clients the best degree of ease and happiness. That's why our customers trust us.

Why You Should Choose Gilani Mobility

Several companies offer wheelchair customization and seating options. Hence why should you choose Gilani Mobility?

Gilani Mobility is the best in the market when it comes to looking for mobility equipment and their repair service to home modification or vehicle modification to wheelchair customization and their services.

Gilani Mobility has a team of market experts, medical professionals, engineers, technicians, and experienced workers. All of that makes Gilani services exceptionally well from others in the market. Our team works to give high-quality products which satisfy our customers.


A customized wheelchair and cushions increase your comfort and improve your health condition. They benefit you from many problems, such as pressure sores or ulcers. Further, they improve your sitting posture and avoid back pain and other body aches.

Customized cushions can utilize for a couch, wheelchairs, office chairs, and cars. Before deciding what cushions will benefit you and where to place custom cushions, you should consider your lifestyle.


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