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Why Gilani Mobility?

The Gilani Mobility team has a passion and drive to provide independence solutions offering our clients the opportunity to continue with an active lifestyle. We have an extremely diverse team allowing us to offer holistic solutions for our clients. This team consists of Engineers, Product Specialists, Clinicians and Customer Service Representatives. The knowledge and expertise that our skilled team can offer ensures that our client's individual needs are being met and the process of accessing Assistive Technology (AT) is a stress-free journey. We offer demonstrations and trials of our AT products at our clinical room, your preferred therapist centre or any suitable location that meets the demands of each individual involved in this assessment process. The journey does not finish with Gilani Mobility after a purchase, we are here to offer ongoing support to our clients with our qualified after sale team and technicians.



The Gilani team is committed to ensure our clients have access to a range of high-quality Mobility equipment & Assistive aids to improve their independence and lifestyle.

Our key priority is to ensure our client's needs and expectations are being met at all times. This starts from the top with our Founder Ray Gilani along with our International Business Manager Craig Legender who have a combined 25 years of experience working in the care sector.

We are here for you through every step of your journey from clinical assessment to after sales support so PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US below to see how one of our dedicated Gilani team members can assist you.

Call:  (02) 8740 8963


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