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Wheelchair Hire and Hire Before You Buy Option

If you ever need to temporarily hire a wheelchair or require a wheelchair for assessment of your mobility, press the link below to visit our online store.The wheelchair hire is available in Sydney and nation wide.

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Community Transport for Private and NDIS Funded

Gilani Mobility offers a 'driving' or 'hiring' vehicle rental system. We provide you with a car filled with fuel and it’s ready to go!Our Honda Odyssey is uniquely converted to become a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

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Mobility Equipment Repair & Service

At Gilani Mobility our technicians and engineers can repair, maintain and customise a range of Mobility Equipment and Assistive aids such as wheelchairs, lifters, beds, walkers, hoists accessibility solutions, ramps, and handrails.

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Accessible Home Modifications

We understand the industry and we are a knowledgeable supplier of home modification services. Our services give individuals the freedom and independence to reside safely in their homes.

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Occupational Therapy Assessment

At Gilani Mobility we facilitate All OTs and Clients.
Are you an Occupational Therapist who wishes to assess a client but distance makes it difficult? Meet with your client at our OT Assessment Room TOTALLY FREE today !

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Accessible Vehicle Modifications

The Gilani Mobility team have specialised in vehicle modifications since 2015 with a passion and drive to provide solutions which enable our clients to have unrestricted freedom of movement and in-dependence.

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